MunchingOrange became a Youtuber on November 6th, 2008. He takes intrest in Pokemon & some what Minecraft. Some of his current series are Pokemon Flora Sky, Pokemon Black 2, MunchCraft Tekkit and Pokémon Ash Gray. Unfortunately, all 11 of his Super Mario Sunshine series were deleted on October 25, 2012 because he could not feel the urge to complete the LP. 

He's From Mexico Puerto Rico and is currently 18. He says in early videos that he has been robed numerous of times. He has gotten some stuff back he said but not all. He mentions this in an episode of Pokemon Light Platinum, another game he has played, in about episode 9. [citation needed]

His favorite pokemon has been changing over time, with Minccino during BW1, Monferno following (as mentioned in Episode 3 of Pokemon Flora Sky), and currently, Stunfisk. His favorite number is 69.

If you wish to see the videos I mentioned above click the videos below.
Pokémon Light Platinum - Episode 113:19

Pokémon Light Platinum - Episode 1

Pokemon Light Platinum

Super Mario Sunshine - Episode 112:51

Super Mario Sunshine - Episode 1

Super Mario Sunshine

Pokémon Black & White 2 - Intro and Rival Battle JPN13:39

Pokémon Black & White 2 - Intro and Rival Battle JPN

Pokemon White 2

MineZ - Episode 1 w YoshitoMario and Jethrotex15:16

MineZ - Episode 1 w YoshitoMario and Jethrotex


Pokémon Platinum - Episode 117:19

Pokémon Platinum - Episode 1

Pokemon Platinum

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